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For blam: Tryin' To Find My Way Home

Title: Tryin' To Find My Way Home
Recipient: [personal profile] blam
Fandoms: The Daily Show RPF, The Colbert Report RPF, Pundit RPF
Rating: PG
Warnings: College-student angst...which is to say, DON'T CRY EMO KID.
Characters/Pairings: Jon/Stephen, Keith/Anderson, Rachel, prior Jon/Denis, prior Stephen/Amy/Paul
Prompt: TDS/TCR - Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert; "I was driving through the misty rain/Just searching for a mystery train/Bopping through the wild gloom/Trying to make a connection with you" (Radio Nowhere, Bruce Springsteen)

Disclaimer: Not mine, not real. Please to not sic the lawyers on me?

Author: [personal profile] queenfanfiction
Author's note: ...and now I think I understand the appeal of college/high-school!AUs, omg. Title yoinked from Bruce Springsteen's "Radio Monday," which I may not have listened to twenty-some times in succession on YouTube.

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