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What is Third Monday?
Third Monday is a President’s Day ficathon for American political minded fandoms (Fakenews RPF, Realnews RPF, and Political RPF, as well as The West Wing FPF crossovers.) The Daily Show got too big for Yuletide, and Realnews and Rahm may possibly be too big next year, so we thought we’d throw our own ficathon.

What is the “time horizon”?
Dec 13th-19th: Sign ups

Dec 20th-21st: Assignments go out

Feb 8th: Fic Due

Feb 15th: Fic Posted

Feb 22nd: Authors Revealed

What are the eligible fandoms?
Fakenews (The Daily Show and The Colbert Report [including Steve Carell, Paul Dinello and Amy Sedaris and FPF Colbert Report characters], Weekend Update, and any other Fakenews Show that routinely discusses American Politics)

Realnews (CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox)

Polislash (Whitehouse and Congressional)

West Wing FPF crossovers with any of the previous three fandoms.

How do I sign up?
On Dec 13th, the sign up post will go up with detailed instructions. Basically you’ll come up with four prompts and those prompts will then be assigned to a writer.

Secrecy, should I engage in it?
Yes! Please do not tell anyone except your beta who you are writing for or the prompt you are writing. Please also make sure you are not writing for your beta!

Politeness, should I engage in it?
Yes! I know that this ficathon includes Rahm Emanuel and that means some people have a tendency to write in all caps and get a little pushy. Let’s keep that to the fics, please.

Also, you are writing a gift. There is no reason to trash the prompt or prompter you are given. Inversely, when you receive a gift, you say ‘Thank you’ and do not mock it. Engaging in wankery will get you banned from participating next year and possibly kicked out this year.

Can I request crossovers?
Yes. The borders between Fakenews, Realnews, and Polislash are thin anyway. If you want Rahm Emanuel/Wyatt Cenac during the Bartlet Administration that’s cool. If you want Jon Stewart to interview Howard Dean, that’s cool too. Use your imagination.

Do I have to request a crossover?
No. If you want Keith, Rachel and a stuffed squirrel, go ahead and request that. Jon/Stephen or Rahm/All the members of Congress are cool too.

I want to request The West Wing FPF, how does that work?
The West Wing characters in whole or part are eligible for this fandom solely as crossover characters. The means if you want Josh Lyman to appear on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, go for it, but a Josh/Donna romantic epic that includes no RPF characters isn’t really what this ficathon is aiming for.

Do I have to be willing to write a crossover/all of these fandoms to participate?
No. On the sign up form there will be a place to tell us what fandoms you are comfortable writing for, and you will get at least one prompt that matches your requirements. (Hopefully more than one, but it depends on what people request.)

I got my request; do I have to write all the prompts?
No. You’ll get 4 prompts, but you only have to write one of them.

I need to default aka I’m dropping out:
If you default before January 12th, there is no penalty. (Please note, you have to PM bessemerprocess and say you’re defaulting before Jan 12th).

If you default after January 21th, but let bessemerprocess know that you are defaulting, something will be worked out and you’ll probably be able to play next year. Please note the closer to Feb 8th you drop out, the more crazy you will make the mods.

If you default without contacting bessemerprocess you will be ineligible to play next year and will make bessemerprocess an angry mod.

What are the minimum requirements for my story?
Your fic should be at least 1,000 words. There is no maximum word count. Feel free to write an epic as long as you finish on time.

Your fic MUST be beta’d. Once sign ups are finished, there will be a post with contact info for people willing to beta. If for some reason you still cannot find a beta you will send bessemerprocess a PM and she will figure something out.

How will I post my story without letting on who wrote it?
On Feb 8th (or before if you want to suck up to the mods) you will email your story to thirdmonday AT gmail DOT com. It will be posted to the com by one of the mods, and a week later your name will be revealed.

Can I friendslock my entry?
Yes, you don’t have to, but you can choose to. At the very least, Jon and Stephen have interns who have internet access. I hear they stick the worst stuff on the break room fridge. And who knows what Rahm would do. It could very well include dead fish. If you do not wish for your fic to be friendslocked there will be a place to indicate this when you email us your fic.

Can I post this story to my site/lj/etc?
Please wait until the fic is posted here and the authors are revealed, then feel free to post wherever you please.

How can I provide my author with more information?
Feel free to write a dear writer post. Try not to hedge your writer in too much. If you need help, try yuletidefairy’s discussion of how to write a yuletide santa letter. Much of it applies to our situation.

What happens to all those extra prompts after the ficathon is over?
Once all the fics are posted, we’ll be releasing the unused prompts into the wild and letting any one who wants to write them. The only way to claim an unused prompt is to post a completed story for it. Don’t worry that someone else might be writing the same prompt, the more the merrier. Post ficathon fics only have to be 100 words long.

What if I have more questions?
If you have a general question, leave it in the comments and one of the mods will answer. If you have a specific question about your request/situation, etc, PM bessemerprocess.

How do I contact the moderator?
PM bessemerprocess.

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