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Title: The Genesis of Cake Night
Recipient: Amadi
Fandom/s: The Daily Show/The Colbert Report
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Characters: Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Evelyn McGee-Colbert
Prompt: Jon & Stephen, friends with chocolate cake
Disclaimer: Very much a work of utter fiction. All TV shows belong to their respective owners, Ho Hos to Hostess, and people to themselves. All characters' resemblances to the actual people is superficial at best. As far as I know, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert never actually instituted Cake Night at The Daily Show.

Author: everysecondtuesday
Notes: Thanks so much to Sarken for the kick-ass beta. Anyone curious as to when the first Cake Night takes place who doesn't want to look up which correspondents were around when: the answer is sometime in 2002. I had to check Wikipedia, because at first my faulty memory wanted to include some correspondents who never served together. If anyone has a recipe for double chocolate peanut butter fudge, I would welcome with open arms your sharing. (The recipe, though actual fudge would not be rejected. *grin*)

Cake night began neither with cake, nor at night. It began with the fact that Jon Stewart, worst boss in history, was a lunch thief. )

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