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Assignments have just been sent out and should be in your inboxes! If not, or if you ever lose track of the e-mail, you can go to Third Monday and select the "My Assignment" link from the dashboard. (That page also contains the "Default" button should you ever need to drop out.)

Stories need to be at least 750 words long and are due by 11:00 PM EST on February 15. Whenever you're done, you can use the "Post to Collection" option on the collection page to ensure that the story is posted directly to the collection -- that way, no notifications will go out and ruin the surprise.

If you'd like to beta read or pinch-hit, or if there's a problem with your assignment or you need a beta reader, you can get in touch with us at (Comments on this post are set to screen just in case, but e-mail is better.)

Happy writing, and thanks for participating! We'll post a few reminders or check-ins as the deadline approaches.
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