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We're in the homestretch! There are forty-eight hours remaining until assignments are due at 12:30 am Eastern on February 17.

Do you work well under pressure? If so, we could still use some pinch-hitters! The minimum word count for pinch-hits is 500 words (instead of the usual 750), and the deadline for those is 8:00 pm Eastern on February 19.

If you can help us out by pinch-hitting, please comment here or e-mail us at with the subject "Pinch Hit" and the following information:
  • Do you have an AO3 account?:

  • If yes, what is your AO3 user name?:

  • Which characters can you write?:

We're also still accepting beta readers. You can volunteer to beta by commenting here or e-mailing with the subject "Beta Offer" and the following information:
  • Which fandoms are you willing to beta?:

  • Which characters are you willing to beta?:

  • Which file format should the author use?: (Examples: .doc, .txt, body of e-mail, Google Doc...)

  • If you need a beta or need to default, instructions are available on the Third Monday profile. (Handy tip: you can edit your story even after you post it, so if upload your story at the last minute, you can still get a beta and make the necessary edits before the stories become visible to the public.)

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